I am extremely happy to announce that Julie Williams is the new General Manager of 4th&Swift.  Julie comes to us from Bacchanalia after having served as a manager for almost three years.  Her drive, knowledge and personality shone through from the first interview and she was an easy choice.  Most importantly, we know she shares our values of kind, knowledgeable service and modern, responsible and ingredient driven food and beverage.

The staff and myself are delighted to have her experience and charms here to help us grow and flourish.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, please stop by and say hello. I am sure she would love to meet you.




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Fresh Vidalia Bulbs!

Fresh Vidalia Bulbs!

Salted for 1 hour then rinsed

Salted for 1 hour then rinsed

Cold smoked 20 minutes or so.

Cold smoked 20 minutes or so.



Rolled into mason jars

Rolled into mason jars

Cover with hot spiced brine

Cover with hot spiced brine


Boiled to seal

Boiled to seal

Ready to put up (or eat)

Ready to put up (or eat)


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Good Luck Seth

Hello Friends,


As most of you may already know, Seth Roskind, our general manager since 2008, has accepted a position as Director of Restaurants for Jose Andres’ ThinkFood Restaurant Group in Washington DC and elsewhere.

His last day is January 12.

I am sad, but I couldn’t be happier for him.

Seth is the architect of so much here. The great service, the edgy but value driven beverage program and our warm, friendly and well informed company culture are all forever laced with Seth’s DNA.   We are much better for it.

But I am happy because one of the best and brightest I’ve known is moving on to bigger challenges, where he will no doubt have an even bigger impact. We need the best and brightest to move up. That means the system is working.  I am glad to be part of that.


Good Luck Seth, I know you will do great things.


Well, the eggs have been nogged!

Kevin started our first batch of Egg Nog today; he starts with Brandy, Gosling’s Black Seal and Bourbon, adds his secret batch of spices and finishes with the egg.  In a few short weeks it will be perfectly aged and ready to be served.

Keep in touch to see how the batch is coming along.

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A Letter from Seth

Hello To All My Friends and Guests,

I wanted to share with you how honored I have been to spend the last four years here at 4th & Swift, which makes it so difficult to share with you that I will be leaving after the New Year.  I have been offered a truly wonderful opportunity to join Jose Andres’ team at ThinkFoodGroup in Washington DC as their Director of Restaurants.  I have learned not to leave regret on the table and so it is that I have to embrace this chance in a lifetime.

I don’t quite have the words to tell you how much being a part of 4th & Swift has meant to me both professionally and personally.  As a professional, being part of what I consider to be the best restaurant in Atlanta has been the most fulfilling venture of my life. A great part of this joy has been in sharing time at the table with you, the greatest guests a host could ever ask for. Personally, the relationships I have built have been worth twice as much.

So, to  Rudy, Paige, Jeb, Chris, Gabe, Maria, Craig, Joe, Bethany, Lillian, Meghan, Sarah, Meg, Marcos, Luis, Irvin, Esau, Kevin, Mike, Tommy, Stephen, John, Nicolle, Erin, Lee, Brian, Louie, Patrick, Keenan, Martin, Chuck, Korey, Patrick, Enrique, Miguel and to all those that have passed through, thank you so very much for a wonderful 4 years.

And lastly to Jay, it has been my great pleasure to have been at your side while we grew this restaurant and it is greater still to call you my friend; you have become like family to me and for that I will always be grateful.

I cannot tell how much I would love to see all of you before I leave, so please stop by, I’d love to share a toast with you.

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards,


Usbg AtlantaIn the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy we want to help out our fellow restaurateurs in New York, so we’re helping to promote the efforts of the Atlanta Chapter of the USBG (United States Bartending Guild).  They have been tapped by the USBG NYC to purchase Home Depot gift cards so that  bars and restaurants of the city can address the damage to their business everyone can get back to work.

If you would like to contribute, you can send money via their Paypal account; all you have to do is login into Paypal, go to Send Money and then enter atlusbg@gmail.com and they will add your contribution.

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Pheasant and Dumplings, Enoki, Mustard Greens, Consomme, Mustard Seed Oil

Venison, Kabocha Puree, Hen of the Woods, Juniper, Port

Welcome to October

Harvest Time

It’s finally here – the best season in the South – and with it comes the new rotation from most wineries as they roll out their vintages. Accordingly, we have gone through another wine list change here; we’ve added some new wines, but mostly we’ve rolled out the new releases.  So, stop by and come try the newest release from your favorite winery.

..and Go Braves!

To see our current Wine List click here and  for our Reserve List click here

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We’ve really been honored with a ton of great press lately, thank you.

Please check below to see where we’ve been

Jay and Jeb Crab CakesKevin Craft CocktailsSeth Numanthia



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Join us in congratulating our very own Barman Kevin Bragg for being voted the Best Bartender in Atlanta!

Click here to read the full story.

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